Monday, October 8, 2007

Don't forget the zesty sauce

“They f*ck you at the drive-thru.”

I can’t recall the exact line that Joe Pesci delivered in the movie Lethal Weapon while sitting in the back seat of a car, driven by Mel Gibson, which had just left the drive-thru window.

But I do recall the dozens (no, hundreds) of times that I have uttered something very similar while digging through bags of stuff, trying to find what I did order, while exiting a drive-thru.

So call me crazy, but I have a new hero of sorts in a one Christopher M. Lavigne of North Kingstown, RI.

As reported in Saturday's Providence Journal, it seems that the “zesty sauce” was missing from Mr. Lavigne’s drive-thru order at a local Burger King.

But instead of driving away and uttering something like, “They f*ck you at the drive-thru,” Mr. Lavigne parked his car. Entered the Burger King. Let loose some major “F*s” of his own at the offending employee. Kicked in the door as he exited. Broke the glass. Drove away. Got caught by a North Kingstown police officer soon thereafter.

So now Mr. Lavigne finds himself in a tad bit more trouble than missing his zesty sauce. Yes, Mr. Lavigne has been charged with vandalism and disorderly conduct.

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t condone uncivil behavior. I have never (intentionally) broken any laws. I have certainly never been arrested. Charged. Or jailed.

But I could be.

Because I have “F*ck You'd” more Burger King, McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donut, Starbuck’s, Taco Bell, Wendy’s… and you name it…. drive-thru employees than I dare to mention.

Because yes, I DO expect to get Jane’s Mocha Coolata with skim milk. I DO expect my husband’s DD coffee to be dark with no sugar, not light with extra freakin’ sugar. I DO expect to get Audrey’s Soft Taco with no tomatoes. I DO expect to get my grandson’s burger with NO FREAKIN’ ONIONS.


OK, calm down.

And although I do understand that we live in a hurried, frazzled society of get-me-this QUICK and get-me-that DOUBLEQUICK…

…if all of you fast food companies are going to OFFER fast food at the drive-thru, just PLEASE get it right. Write my order correctly. Or enter it into your computer correctly. Take two seconds to repeat my order. Let me have a moment to actually check my order (and this also involves the guy or gal behind me, up my car’s ass, honking like there’s no tomorrow).

Hey, Mr. Lavigne. I feel your pain.

But maybe we should all take pause here and reassess what we, as a frenzied society (including the improperly trained employees), bring to the burger table.

Do I need help? Or should I just park my car and head on inside?

- Sharon


Whirlwind said...

I send things back that are wrong. I hate hate hate that they can't get things right. I always wait at the window to check and make sure I get my whole order. And if not, make them fix it. After all, I'm not driving away only to get home and find out they left out 1/2 my order.

The worst seems to be McDonalds when you order apples. I mean if you offer apple dippers, teach your employees that not every happy meal comes with fries. How hard can it be.


sandy shoes said...

Fast food service sucks? What a surprise.

pinks & blues girls said...

Yesterday Steve and I were going through the Dunkin' Donuts drive-thru and an employee was changing the trash while smoking a cigarette. So the smoke was going directly into our car. They actually got our order correct, but the cigarette smoke in our faces warranted a few "F*ck You"s!

Jane, Pinks & Blues

Miguelina. said...

I firmly believe that you should get what you pay for. There's no excuse.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

I ALWAYS pull over and check everything, especially after I chomped on my Burger King Veggie Burger and realized it was a bacon double cheeseburger (I could almost hear them laughing back in the kitchen). The other day, they tried to forget my french fries (The nerve!) and I just drove right around through the drive through and asked for my fries, please.

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Amen Sharon! I'm also one who sits right there at the window and checks to make sure everything is perfect, as the car behind me is riding my bumper impatiently.

Trish K said...

Never mess with a mommy's coffee or their kid,s fast food

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