Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Globally Conscious/Locally Delicious Dining Experience

A couple weekends ago Hubby, Sweetie and I went to So. Western CT for a family wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and a fun reception. Even the weather and perfect New England autumn landscape helped to make for one gorgeous event.

Hubby and I especially loved it all because the fall wedding theme reminded us of our own wedding day - which we celebrated just two days later with an 8th anniversary dinner out with Sweetie.

Since we considered the weekend away as our special anniversary trip, our dinner out on the actual day was considerably simpler - but still very delicious and fun.

So where'd we go? To the Flatbread Company in Bedford, MA.

The Flatbread Company is a pizzeria at heart, but that's not all. It's a pizzeria with heart. They use only local, organic produce and free range, clean meats and poultry. They truly care about the world around us and, because of this, they reward their patrons with out-of-this world pizzas.

Tuesday nights at the Flatbread are fund-raising nights - and that's another reason we were there on Tuesday, Oct. 9th. We were there to support my uncle's new company, GWEN, which works to educate the public about the effects of global warming on the environment. What a worthy cause to get out of the house for and enjoy some yummy pizza too!

The Flatbread Company is also a great place to take the kids. Sweetie thoroughly enjoyed playing with her complimentary ball of raw dough as we awaited the arrival of our pies. And with all the fun, colorful artwork around and the kitchen right in front of you where you can watch as your pizza cooks in the open flame oven - there's never a wont for something to entertain both the little ones and yourself.

Alas, we didn't sample anything from their seemingly large wine or dessert lists, but that's definitely in the plans for next time. And believe you-me - there will be a next time.

See, the Flatbread Company is just about two minutes from Whole Foods - Hubby's grocery store Mecca. Admittedly, a trip to Bedford MA for us, a family in So. Western NH, is quite a journey. But now we'll more happily make the trek as we have two reasons to head on out in that direction.

You better believe that, forevermore, our grocery trips to Whole Foods will include a lunch or dinner stop at the Flatbread Company.


Pinks & Blues Girls said...

Oh yeah, Flatbread rocks! We go to the one in North Conway when we vacation there, and I was also very excited to learn that their pizzas are available at Whole Foods! And they're delicious there!

Jane, Pinks & Blues

Whirlwind said...

Happy belated anniversary (I think we share the same date!).

I've never been but would be willing to try it out. It's great that they have a fund raising night!

Mrs Big Dubya said...

We've been to the one in Canton, CT a couple of times -- I agree, two thumbs up

Kate said...

There's a Flatbread Company in Portsmouth... come on over!

Anonymous said...

Sounds AWESOME! Happy anniversary!

Ladybug's Picnic said...

Happy anniversary. We shop at that Whole Foods in Bedford, too.