Wednesday, October 10, 2007

All knocked up and nothing to eat

I recently announced over on my personal blog that my husband and I are expecting our second baby. I am beyond excited but despite the fact that it's only been two years, I am shocked at how much I have forgotten about being pregnant.

That said, I am looking for advice. What does a pregnant lady eat?

Let me explain. I am one of those women who don't suffer morning sickness. Or nausea. I KNOW. Genetics. My mother and sister were the same through all of their pregnancies as well. However, lately when it's been time to eat, I come up short. I either have no idea what to eat, or what I want to eat, so I usually end up waiting too long, over thinking the issue and eventually losing my appetite altogether.

The only things I can remember enjoying during my last pregnancy were nachos and ovaltine/banana/rice milk smoothies. Me thinks I need to expand the repertoire a bit beyond those two choices.

For the past three weeks I've been daydreaming about going to the grocery store with a fabulous list of healthy, appealing items to stock up on and for the past three weeks I've gone grocery shopping and come home with milk, bread, bananas and guacamole. Seriously.

Help a sister out, won't you?


Mrs. Chicky said...

Is it OK for me to say I hate you? I'm thrilled for your news, I'm thrilled that you have pregnancies with no nausea, but I can hate you just a little. Right?


(I don't really hate you. Just wishing I was you right now. ;) )

Ladybug's Picnic said...

You absolutely can. I would hate me too. It's a weird fluke of nature (according to my OB).

Rest assured though that karma gets me with my deliveries. Some day we will talk over coffee about my hellish labor and delivery (long story short? Sixty hours. Six. Zero.)

Whirlwind said...

Wow. Congratulations.

Now I'm starting to wonder what's in the water over here :P

My second pregnancy I never knew wha tto eat and usually had to force myself to eat. It was mostly due to a strict diet though.

You know second labors come faster than the first, right, so you shouldn't expect sixty hours. My second was 15 minutes (thankfully I had been at the hospital already).

Jessica @ A Bushel and a Peck said...

I was only nauseous for the first three months, but OY were they bad. While I don't have any super-exciting news, I can say that food with folic acid is good for the development of the baby's maybe broccolli? And my husband read something about Orange Juice aiding in brain development as well (possibly again related to folic acid), so anytime I was thirsty through 2 pregnancies, he would pour me a HUGE glass of OJ. (Gets boring after a while though.)

Good luck...also, I had cravings in both pregnancies for greek olives and hummus, so maybe that's good for babies too and my body was just trying to tell me so!

Rock the Cradle said...


As I recall, I had a fondness for anything potato for a while...roasted, mashed, it didn't matter.

I'd say go crazy...your bod will let you know what you need. Just stay away from lots of fish. And moldy cheese.

Bring on the guac. Or this...flour tortillas on the grill, covered liberally with slices of good cheddar, good tomatoes, and fresh avocados. The yumminess.

And chocolate milk. Always good.

sandy shoes said...

Both times I was queasy for a couple of weeks, but never really sick. Everyone hated me, too. But labors... good God.

Anyway. My cravings during pregnancy were for soft-boiled eggs (which usually make pregnant people gag) and chicken salad.

Also ice cream, natch.

I think the wisdom is the same as when you're not pregnant: lean proteins, whole grains, lots of fruits and veggies. Add more calcium wherever you can (that'll be no problem once you're constantly chewing Tums for heartburn in a few weeks). I used to put powdered nonfat milk into things to get more calcium.

And ice cream, which, yep, I've already mentioned.

Congratulations :).

Miguelina. said...



(I lived on chocolate milk and steak.)

Pinks & Blues Girls said...


I craved chocolate ice cream with chocolate sprinkles... every day!

But I made sure I ate my morning grapefruit and GrapeNuts with wheat germ. My huge fully-loaded salad at lunch. And lots of almonds for snacks.

Easy. And also no sickness!

Sharon - Pinks & Blues

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Only eat what you can stand to burp up. I didn't really have morning sickness, but I did -ahem-burp a bit, and I got to know what foods to avoid like the plague while I was pregnant.

Congrats again!

Pinks & Blues said...

I never had an onunce of morning sickness with all 3 kids. I used to look at my friends and think they were making this "morning sickness" thing up, horrible - huh!?
Hmmm... foods. I ate a ton of grilled cheese with tomato. For some reason it was just not good without tomatos. Also I craved nuts (not that kind) and seeds. Weird, huh? But I tried to eat foods that were nutritious. Didn't always work. I absolutely needed my morning bacon, egg and cheese from the deli downstairs from my work! :)
This is great news for you!!
- Audrey
Pinks & Blues

Ladybug's Picnic said...

Thanks everyone! Oh and Audrey - I am ADDICTED to my morning bacon egg and cheese :)

Binky said...

Congratulations! I have no advice, as I've found pregnancy tastes to be a very personal thing. I just try to find ANYTHING that sounds remotely tolerable and I'd eat that. It's my excuse to totally indulge myself. Luckily I have no cravings for chocolate cake or anything TOO decadent ;)

Life As I Know It said...

And Oh, am I jealous. Awful all- day-lost-weight-couldn't-keep-anything-down-for-4-months- sickness over here.
So I obviously have no advice on the food thing. Eat what tastes good and enjoy your pregnancy!!
Congrats again!

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