Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Meet me at the Fair

Last weekend the fam made its yearly pilgrimage to the Topsfield Fair. If you don't have much on tap for the coming weekend, we HIGHLY recommend you check it out! The Topsfield Fair is America's oldest agricultural fair. Agricultural barns are set up around the perimeter of the fair where you can view everything from prize-winning tomatoes and heiffers to floral displays. The real reason to hit the barns, though is to see the largest pumpkin in New England... which, as of right now, is the biggest pumpkin in the world (and believe you me, it is one big-ass pumpkin).

There are two midways, one for kids and one for big people. I like that there is a separate area for kids that has less flash and trash and fewer carnies trying to guilt parents into paying $3 per dart to pop balloons for yet another cheap stuffed animal.

A highlight of the fair for me is always the food. I am a pretty healthy eater most of the time, but something about fair food unleashes the junk food beastie in me and this year I had two of the most perfect candy apples ever dipped while Kiddo enjoyed freshly made cotton candy.

The fair (like Disney) publishes a daily schedule so you can make sure you're in the front row for the Mrs. Essex County Pageant, sheep shearing, or pig races (okay, so not at all like Disney).

Admission is $12 for humans over the age of 8. Parking was $8 in our chosen lot. The traffic can be a bit crazy but a few years back somebody slipped me a back roads map and now we just scoot right in (I'd publish it but I lost it and now just remember where to go- anyone with basic knowledge of Google maps can wing it).

The League of Maternal Justice will be pleased to know that they have a clean and comfy dedicated area for nursing mothers.


Pinks & Blues Girls said...

Sounds like Fall fun at its finest! I can just smell the doughboys!

Sharon - Pinks & Blues Girls

Fairly Odd Mother said...

I've heard of this fair and always want to check it out; the crowds scare me though---three little kids in big crowds is not fun. I may have to reconsider after reading your post though. Sounds very fun.

margalit said...

The Topsfield Fair has always been my favorite fair, other than the Common Ground in Maine (organic farming and no junk food at all). We always have such a good time there, and you're right, the food! Oy, the food. I always end up eating fudge, which should send me into diabetic shock but miraculously doesn't. It's so good. Fried dough. Candy apples. Big pretzels. YUM.

The animals are fun, too.

Anonymous said...

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