Thursday, October 4, 2007

Oops, we did it again...

Moe just celebrated her third birthday last weekend with a small party with friends. I didn't obsessively check the toys point of origin or give them another thought. But maybe I should have. I came across this link and my first thought is not again. We have/had? some of those Baby Einstein blocks. They may be long gone by now, I haven't seen them in awhile and have slowly been weeding out the baby toys.

Over the past few years, many toys on the recall lists have made there way through my house: Polly Pockets, Magnetix, the lead tainted Dora the Explorer toys (which were given ironically to Meenie while in the hospital, but how were they supposed to know?), Tomas the Train pieces and the silly faces Elmo. All are gone, that I know of.

I haven't rushed out to have the girls tested for lead poisoning, but I probably should. Not because they played with lead tainted toys, but because we live in an old house which is in a constant state of renovation (finally nearing completion I think). I know many people are using the home based lead testing kits, but they have been proven to give false results.

Maybe Moe has the right idea. It may be easier to go back to the basics - wooden blocks, cardboard boxes and bottle caps with buckets. We shouldn't have to worry about the toys our kids play with. How have you been handling the toy recalls?


Fairly Odd Mother said...

We've had A LOT of those same toys---for some of them (the Polly Pocket magnet stuff), I just went through their bins and tossed them. Some of the Elmo stuff that was recalled was only for the newer-made stuff (ours was old) but I still hid it in the basement so I wouldn't have to listen to that laugh anymore.

It's hard to know what is right. I am glad, though, that my kids are beyond the age of putting everything in their mouth! Oh, but Mom-101 wrote an article about the dangers of some plastics, so I ended up throwing out all the plastic forks and spoons and am working on finding a suitable replacement for our plastic cups.

I'm pretty certain that we will soon be living in a cardboard box, eating with our fingers and playing with rocks.

T with Honey said...

Last night I just got a notice that Princess's car seats have been recalled. The toy recalls are taking a back seat to this one!

Binky said...

The fact that none of The Boss's toys have been recalled make me realize she doesn't actually have many toys. That must be why she watches so much tv. Doh.