Thursday, May 31, 2007

Summer is upon us and so are the bugs...

I posted this question to another group of moms, but wanted as much advice as I can get.

Does anyone have any good bug repellent or candles or something they use on their kids/yards? My girls are getting eaten alive! I've been trying the Avon Skin so Soft, but it isn't working. And on the same note, what about after bite ointment? Moe is very sensitive to the bug bites and they swell up pretty big. I think it has something to do wit hher being the only blue-eyed one of us, but she is super sensative to alot of things - sun, bug bites, rashes...

Any advice is helpful!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Salon, Anyone?

No, I'm not talking mani and massage. I'm talking intellectual gatherings where discussion revolves around the arts and sciences, around issues. A real life place where we can exercise the mental muscles that, for me, have been flexed only in the virtual realms of the blogosphere. Play dates at home or the park are well and good, but chasing after the under-five part of the equation tends to deplete the quality of adult discussion. One of the reasons I was so happy to see this group formed is because it presents the opportunity for us to sit down, sans kids, and talk with other articulate, opinionated women from whom we can all learn.

I admit that this idea was sparked in my head for a selfish and particular reason. I am beginning research on a novel I plan to write. One of the elements that will play heavily into the plot is that of euthanasia. In my very, very preliminary perusal of books on the subject, I realized I know next to nothing. My background in the study of philosophy comes from an introductory course I took at a community college while I was still in high school. It's safe to say the only hazy notions that remain in my head involve Plato and a cave. Or was it Socrates and a cave?

It was then that I realized I would need more than book larnin' to really get my head around all the issues. I needed to talk to people with a grasp on philosophy, on current events, on practical understanding of the human condition. I thought of this group immediately. There are too many women from too many backgrounds not to be able to expand my own understanding in a welcomed way.

Even if euthanasia as the first topic of discussion doesn't appeal to everyone, I hope the idea of a salon held at a coffee house or some meeting place might spark interest. Topics for discussion are endless. We could meet every other month, quarterly, twice a year--whatever works for those of you who might be interested.

Your feedback is appreciated. I look forward to what you have to say.

Boys of Summer

I have been a Red Sox fan since the fourth grade. I don't come from a sports family, so this passion came out of left field (arf). My father would occasionally watch a game on a Saturday afternoon, but he wasn't a die hard fan by any chance. I remember wearing red barrettes to school- Catholic school uniforms made it hard to show team loyalties - the day of the one game playoff between the *spit* Yankees and the Red Sox in 1978. We lost, thanks to Bucky fucking Dent. In 1986, I was attending UMass Amherst and witnessed the dribbler thru Bill Buckner's legs. Even though the Sox had a chance in Game 7 to win that series, that's the play that's always cited when referring to that horrible series.

And 2003. The first time I ever cried over a baseball game. I'd gone down to a local pub to watch, along with about 500 of my closest friends. We were up! We were winning! Then Grady Little decided to leave Pedro in the game and, well. You know what happened. We lost. I set my beer down on the bar and went outside and cried. The 2004 season more than made up for it, however. Just a little.

I almost hate to say anything because I am very, very, VERY superstitious about these boys, but doods! We're 14.5 games ahead of the Yankees. The team in second place, Baltimore, is 11 games back. It's incredible. Every night, I watch the games. Every morning, I check the standings. TCBIM and I look at each other, wide-eyed, and giggle this "Holy shit, I can't believe we're getting away with this," giggle, sort of a whistling-thru-the-graveyard reaction to being so firmly in first place.

Because even after all this time, even after winning a World Series and having some kick ass talent, I still can't quite believe my guys are in first. Still. And that the *spit* Yankees are so far behind. I know they could, and have, come back from that, but it's almost June. It's amazing. It gives me that excited, stomach-knotting feeling, like maybe there's a chance it could happen again, that 2004 wasn't a fluke. That maybe, and I'm saying this softly, with offerings to appease the jealous baseball gods, we really do have the best team in baseball.

Oh, and Trot? Welcome back. We missed you. You look weird with a 33 on your back, but man, it was nice to see you roaming around the outfield again.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Wanna Go For a Run?

If any of you read my blog, you know that my New Year's resolution was to run in the Danskin Women's Triathlon this summer in Webster, MA. Well, dumbass me missed the registration. But I just found this race that's taking place on Labor Day Monday, September 3rd. In Boston. I think I must have my big-girl panties on today, because I have already signed up for the 10K run. Care to join me?

By the way, I am soooooo not a runner by nature. But I figure this will certainly keep me motivated throughout the summer to eat healthy (*snort*) and exercise regularly (*chuckle*). Because I can attest that having 3 children in less than 5 years will wreak havoc on one's physique. It's called UGLY NAKED.

Interested? Certainly not in seeing me naked, of course, but in running the race?

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I have an idea-rrr

I was busy browsing for my stylehive. As an aside, does anyone else find it time consuming to constantly update their stylehive? It drives me nuts sometimes. But I digress....

Anyhow, I came across this. I didn't even know it existed, but it looks like FUN. And since it's location is near bars and restaurants, it might be a good outing for us NE Mamas. I know it's in Boston and all you outer states people are going Ugh, BOSTON. But it says they have free parking! FREE PARKING IN BOSTON. Who would have thunk it?

It's open Sundays. I looked at about half the vendor sites (how do you think I update my stylehive?) and it looks like there is just about something for everyone. Heavy on the purses, like that's a bad thing? But I think there should be enough to look at before hitting some watering hole. I'm totally unfamiliar with the South End, but I know it's like restaurant ally with plenty of places for drinkie poos. Does anyone know more?

So what do you think of maybe planning an outing for shopping, schmoozing, and libations?

(pics stolen from their web site)

Friday, May 25, 2007

Can't take New England out of the Girl

Hi everybody! CapeBuffalo here, late as usual (see Mrs. Chicky- I really am always late!). I am a true Masshole. I was born and raised in the Merrimac valley and have spent most of my summers in Saco Bay and Nantucket and lived for many years in the Berkshires. I married a Mainer who I began dating when I was living up there just before moving back to Boston where I finished college. Although it's my goal to travel on every continent, I've only truly lived outside of New England once and I hated it.

I live in Stepford, a western suburb of Boston, with the lovely Hubby and beautiful Kiddo and our cats Harry and Guinness. I am an educator, but I have an unusual job.

Turn-ons: sand betwen my toes, the smell of Coppertone, ice cold white wine, grilled vegetables, snow days, manners, kindness, Harrison's roast beef sandwiches, cold draft beers at Fenway, the slow boat to Nantucket, Maine in any season, the New England Coastline, Teddy Bruschi, Sting, that scene at the end of Bend it Like Beckham where Jonathan Rhys Meyers bites his lip oh my gaw, Eddie Izzard, art

Turn-offs: Route nine, people who allow their kids to hit them, people who talk too loudly on cell phones in public, bad grammar, people on the T who don't give up their seats to old people, people in general, people who don't teach their children to say please and thank you and to share, surly customer service, overseas call centers, the Bush administration, Mitt Romney and all he stands for, aggressive seagulls, people who have had the same haircut since 1986, couples who dress alike, adult contemporary radio, xenophobia, eggs

And now you know all about me.

Whaddya think about the new banner?

So. Thoughts?

Binky requested more information about the picture I was using for the banner so I decided to upload my work in progress and get everyone's feedback. Feel free to tell me to change anything that you don't care for, because it won't insult me.

(Okay, my feelings may be hurt just a little bit but I'll get over it)

If the picture is too schmaltzy I'll happily change it to something else. If you don't like the color of the font I'll change that too. And the tagline - oh the tagline! - that thorn in my side. I'm still up for suggestions. See the comments to the post below and feel free to add your own or vote for one that's already been suggested.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Help! I need some inspiration!

Hi ladies.

I'm trying to make a banner for our site and I'm looking for a tag line. I suppose a tag line isn't necessary, but the image I'm using kinda begs for one.

I'm not quite sure I like what I came up with originally (see above), so this is another one I came up with:

Mother bloggahs six states strong


Motherhood is wicked pissah
(props to Reluctant Housewife for that one)

The problem is, I'm not sure those accurately represent who we are.

(See, this is the problem when one stares at Photoshop for too long. One starts to over think things. Stupid things. And one starts to refer to one's self as "one".)

So put on your thinking caps. This is a community effort so I'm asking the community what they would like as their tag line.

Help me.


My Reality

Hi fellow New England Mamas! I'm Sarah. (Everyone all together now: "Hi, Sarah!") My drivel can be found at In the Trenches of Mommyhood. I am a part-time paralegal in Westborough, and full-time (plus overtime) mommy to 3 boyz--Eldest is 5-1/2, Middle will be 3 in June and Baby will be 2 in June. I'm originally from upstate NY (actually southwest NY state on the border of PA), and Hubby and I met and got married in Charlotte, NC, moved to Charleston, SC and then found ourselves back in his hometown in Central Mass (high school hero anyone?) to become homeowners and parents with a household overflowing with testosterone, dirty diapers and snot. And God, how I reminisce about those newlywed days down south where the only thing I had to think about was which SPF to use at the beach...but I wouldn't have it any other way! Really. Well, okay, maybe sometimes.

Anyway, I'm pleased to be here and look forward to meeting you all!


Hey, I just thought of this. We need buttons! Nice buttons for your sidebars. I'm going to make a couple, but I'd like some input. What do you think would best represent New England? Lobster, Chowda, fricking trees? Sailboats? Anyone? Bueller?

Updated: Because I'm an insomniac, here are a few buttons I whipped up. If you hate them, say so.

If you like one, tell me and I'll put the code up so you can link your blog here. Note that I already have the first one on my blog. That's my personal favorite, but you can use any of them. I've already uploaded them to photobucket, so they're easy to put on your template.

Oh, and I can do a banner with the same image if you want, Ms Chicky.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Please allow me to introduce myself

As usual, I'm late to the introduction party.

I blog over at Major Bedhead, where I agonize over things like cat shit and tantrums (mine and the babies'). I'm currently a SAHM but am trying to find a job. Something that will pay me a fabulous wage while letting me be as slothful as possible. Given that my skill sets are of the administrative assistant variety, I can't see this happening any time soon. Unless, of course, someone wants to pay me vast sums of money to blog about shit. That I can do.

I have four kids - A is 18 and knows everything. O is 12. Boo is two and a half, in the worst way, and the Bug is almost 10 months old. I married a Canadian, who is referred to as TCBIM (That Canadian Boy I Married). He's a good guy but he gets on my last nerve. Frequently.

I live even further west than Mrs. Chicky. I'm in the Pioneer Valley, living behind the Tofu Curtain. Crunchy central. I love it out here, although I've had to make a new set of friends since my friends from the eastern part of the state think that driving out here is a treacherous proposition, requiring provisions and protection from wild animals. Wimps.

I'm a die-hard liberal and a die-hard Red Sox fan. Everything else is negotiable and subject to change without notice.

Hi, I'm Binky and I'm a New England Mama

I spent all my teenage years dreaming of bad boys and leaving Connecticut. When I was thirteen, I had a coffee can with a hole in the plastic lid through which I could deposit small bills and loose change. I taped a piece of blue construction paper around the cylinder and wrote on it "Wild West Fund." This was during my obsession with outlaws. I planned to save up the loot for a trip to New Mexico.

I was obsessed with the mafia after that. My focus became New York.

Then I shifted my attention to race car drivers. I looked southward.

Finally, my infatuation with men in scratchy, starched uniforms took hold. Since my status as an asthmatic precluded me from joining the armed services myself, I went to an all women's college in Virginia and did my best to boost morale at the military institute up the Interstate. Free at last. Being on my own, 500 miles from home, was everything I knew it could be.

Imagine my surprise when I met a non-outlaw, non-mafioso, non-race car driving, non-military guy over the Internet and, upon college graduation, moved back to Connecticut to be near him. Then the surprise wore off and it seemed only natural that we'd be together. Eventually, we were both employed in the Worcester, MA, area. We got engaged. We bought a house in northeast Connecticut where house prices were still much more affordable those of the Worcester suburbs. We got married. We had a baby. I quit my job as a public relations specialist with a non-profit to focus on our daughter and my writing.

After three years in our first home, we put it on the market. If all goes well--which I would never, ever assume--the closings for our current home and the one we plan to buy will be held on June 15. The new house is in southeast Connecticut. While maintaining some of the rural charm I appreciate in our current locale, our (hopefully) new town boasts a much closer proximity to the rest of the civilized world.

I look forward to getting to know all of you through this blog and hopefully soon in real life.

It's Introduction Time

I'm terrible at introducing myself. I can't tell what is interesting and what is deadly boring, so I tend to blather on and on and on ...

Oh, sorry! I'm Margalit. I'm very old, and for Ms Chicky, not only going gray down there, but going to the next step, which is even worse than gray. Yikes!

I'm the very happily single mother of teenage twins, known on the Internet as The Boy and the Girl. Which is better than their names at home, which range from the Jackass and the Obnoxious to much worse. Ah, nothing like the teens to really drive home what a deal college is!
I work very part time as a professional blogger! Yes, you can actually make a tidy little pittance writing blogs, and that's just what I make, a pittance. But I enjoy it and hope that eventually I'll get a decent paycheck out of it.

I've been a professional writer my entire adult life. I wrote many very dull books about computer software for various clients as a technical writer, and then broadened my skill set, as they say in HR, and went to the dark side as a manager. I liked the dark side better! But about 6 years ago, a congenital heart defect that had been benign most of my life started to seriously affect me, and I eventually ended up with congestive heart failure and now am fully disabled. I still do stuff, but I have to be very careful, which sucks, and I tire very easily. Plus, the many medications I'm on have rendered me fairly useless when it comes to clear thinking. I would guess my IQ has plummeted since I got sick.

I'm very interested in local and national politics. I'm extremely liberal and try hard to defeat anything remotely conservative. I tend to blog a lot about local and town politics on my blog, which has made me extremely popular (not) with our mayor. Oh well.

I live right outside Boston in a streetcar suburb, where my kids attend one of two local high schools. While I identify as being observantly Jewish, I've given up on finding a synagogue in my community that feels haimish enough for us. So we kind of are lapsed Modern Orthodox/Traditional Conservative looking for a small, lay-led community synagogue. Yeah, right.

I'm a huge RED SOX fan, but really don't care much about other sports, although my son is a Patriots fan as well. I like gardening, knitting, reading, and watching way too much TV. I post a LOST discussion every Thursday, and I'll find some other TV to glom onto in the summer. Maybe Big Brother. I don't know yet. But there will be something.

I also like to cook and bake, and I post recipes on this site fairly often.

We have one pet, a cat, whose Internet name is Worthless Pet. I think that is probably self-explanatory. We really want a dog, but I don't think we can adequately care for one despite living on a huge tract of land.

Thanks to Ms Chicky for starting this up and I really hope we can have a get together someplace soon (close for the non-drivers like moi!) to get to know each other.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fairly Odd Mother Checking In

I just commented on a bunch of entries and realized I haven't yet posted my profile, so you may be wondering who the heck I am.

Let's see, like Whirlwind, I have the trio of kids. They are Belly (6), Jilly (4) and D (2)---if you couldn't guess, these are their code names---the kids are girl, girl, boy; no we weren't 'trying' to 'get' a boy (we were asked this so many times!) but knew we wanted three kids and that was it. I started to breed around the age of 33 and wanted to be done before 40 (now just a few months away!); plus my body had been through enough and was starting to threaten to throw my internal organs to the floor if I put another kid in my belly.

We live in Southeastern Massachusetts---kind of midway between Boston, Providence and the Cape. I worked for 11 years in Media/Advertising in both Providence and Boston. I quit my job after Jilly was born and have not made a penny since. (and, since this is a New England blog, I'll say that I was born in Providence and, later, spent most of my life in Western MA--Springfield area---anyone remember "Riverside Park"? Oh yeah, I worked there---Old Tyme Photo! Woohoo!).

We are homeschooling---Belly went to preschool but I decided to keep her home for kindergarten and will keep on plugging away for first grade next year. I love the lifestyle homeschooling provides, even if there are times I think I've lost my mind.

I've only been blogging since October but love it (I'm at It's been a great way to keep friends and family up to date on our lives (although my blog is not always G-rated); plus I really like the other bloggers I've (virtually) met through it.

OK, it is past 10pm and my internal alarm is ringing to tell me to get my butt to bed. Looking forward to 'seeing' you all on this blog!

Hello From North of Boston

Although not a native New Englander, we have been in MA since 1999. Started out in Watertown and then moved about 30 minutes north in a mad panic to buy a house when we found ourselves unexpectedly expecting.

I have been a stay at home mom to two boys for the past two years since my youngest was born. It has been an interesting, identity changing, life-turned-upside-down, two years. But wouldn't change it for the world.

We are currently in a quest to move (a few short towns away), and have been trying to sell our house since March. After months of keeping the house clean, leaving for showings and open houses, and experiencing the ups and downs of two offers, two inspections, and, unfortunately, two Unreliable Buyers, the For Sale sign is still planted in our front yard. I want so much to be able to sell and buy before the start of the school year. It's still an unpredictable market here. But I think (hopefully) on an upswing...

I'm relatively new to blogging. In fact, just started LifeAsIKnowIt last fall, but have found it to be such an enormous and much needed outlet. I had forgotten how much I enjoy writing, and how much I need to make my days with two boys sound as humorous as possible...not always easy, but essential for my sanity (and my family's).

This blog is a great idea. I hope we can manage to find some sort of meeting place. Would love to get to know my fellow local blogging mamas!


Hello from Ladybug's Picnic

Hello everyone! I'm Erin, and I blog at I'm a working mama to my little ladybug Charlotte who is closing in on 14 months old. I've been blogging at this domain for several months, and I've been blogging for over 5 years around the web total. I'm blogging semi-privately for the time being while I work out some career stuff, but will be going back public pretty soon. Probably in the next week or so, actually.

My husband, daughter, and I live about 25 minutes north of Boston, moving here from Cambridge two years ago to become first-time homeowners. I miss Cambridge very much, especially now that I'm a mother. There's not a whole lot going on in my neck of the woods for meeting up with other like-minded moms like there is in the city. Honestly, I would have to say that I'm probably not exactly the mommy-group type but I am thrilled to read that this may lead to meeting other moms in real life.

I'm very excited to be a part of this network and I look forward to getting to know the rest of you as we navigate through mama-hood.

Greetings from Whirlwind

Hi, I'm Whirlwind. I live in Northeastern CT, real close to both the Mass and RI boarders. I am a SAHM to three daughters, Einey (age 5 1/2), Meenie (almost 4) and the two year old terror known as Moe. I have lived in this area most of my life.

As you can see by my name, my life is a whirlwind of activity. So, I never knew how much I would enjoy having one child in school - it really gives me some "down time". And although I look forward to summer vacation, I know I am going to go insane trying to keep all of them happy. Oh and the dog. Have I mentioned the dog? We have a six year old Rotti-Airedale mix.

I have been blogging for just under a year now.

Oops, time to go. Kids want to head back outside. They missed the sun the last few days!

Hi! I'm Paula aka Rock the Cradle

Writing semi-anonymously. As in, some friends know I have a blog, but not the family. I hope to keep it that way. Less bloodshed.

I started this before Ms. Chicky introduced herself, and found I am WAY out of practice with the one-minute interview bio form, so please forgive the rambling chaos that follows:

I'm one of those strange New Englanders from the greater Boston area who somehow lost the accent somewhere along the way. I would like to say it was due to twelve years of living in Philly and learning to say “Ack-ah-mee” in stead of “Acme”, and “prohvy with” for “a cheese steak with provolone and onions” (or artery clogging, grease dripping heart attack in a soft squishy bun) but no. It happened long before. The accent is still only shows itself at extended family gatherings. You know the ones...where the old matriarchs gather like dons around the kitchen table, and the room is packed like a clown car with people and food...lasagnas, ambrosia, dirt, hamburgers, meatballs, crab rangoon, lemon squares, and a neglected fruit salad. Everyone goes for the dirt, of course.

But I digress.

I went to school for illustration, graduated, and went through an interesting line up of jobs. Book store to architecture firm to free-lancing to senior graphic designer at a medical publishing firm. This last helped get Dr. Science through med school, along with massive amounts of debt and a promise to work in an under-served area for four years after residency is survived. We are entering our fourth year of residency.

I now live in Brookline with my husband (Dr. Science) and 2+ year old daughter (the Impling). The transition from Queen Village, Philadelphia to Brookline involved months of what I can only describe as culture shock. I can walk for fifteen minutes in any direction here, and still the neighborhoods are safe and beautiful. In Philly, around the corner were numerous crack houses with clientele that amazingly never showed any interest in actually crossing the road and making the pilgrimage to our block. Maybe because our street was gentrified to the point of mafia protection? Could be. One night we heard a “POP POP” which in my sleep induced torpor I took to be fireworks. Dr. Science knew otherwise. “Those were gun-shots!” he exclaimed as he called 911.

Our next door neighbor was found dead beside his SUV, piles of the dry cleaning he was carrying strewn on the sidewalk, an empty casing on the hood of the car. A hit. No robbery, clean getaway, no clues. Seems that “Bugsy” got one the wrong side of some of the locals. All our neighbors gathered in what by now had become a sort of collective support network whenever something crazy happened.

There were fires in our neighborhood, one started by a desperate, mentally ill woman who took hostages. There were arguments that escalated into violence. Car “accidents”. Road rage. Molotov cocktails thrown through the windows of our favorite bakery one neighborhood over. Good times.

But there were also the jovial early morning voices yelling “Yo, Vinnie!” in friendly greeting. There were amazing restaurants, lots of musicians and artists, and a growing number of young professional families. Within a year of our moving in (we chose the neighborhood because it was “quiet” in, no gay prostitutes singing medleys of Les Mis songs at 3 in the morning...little did we know), property values went through the roof. Life quieted down. But you always walk with hyper-awareness in Philadelphia. Not fear, mind you...just a constant awareness of everyone and everything around you.

But here in is so quiet. I asked about crime when we signed the lease on our ground level apartment and was laughed at. I walked along the street for weeks, months, tense and alert. It was so very, very...quiet. Finally, I relaxed, and began to enjoy myself as I explored my new home.

Three years later, I am a mother (and one of those SAHM's no less) and a blogger. And I know the best place to get Thai take out in Coolidge Corner.

Damn, this is ridiculously long. Hi everyone. Glad to be here.

And Mrs. Chicky, as for Metro West... I swear, the only reason I never cross 128 is, um...lack of a driver's license.

Yes. I am lame. I never had a reason to get one, so it just never happened. That and I don't have a death wish. (Irrational fear of driving, right here. Now you all know my dirty little secret.) Hey, I'm working on it! But for now, public transportation is my friend.

Hope we can still all meet up at some point!

I'll stop now before your eyes begin to bleed.

Greetings from Ruth Dynamite

Hi folks! Pleasure to meet you. I'm Ruth Dynamite, a work-at-home married mother of two living in the vicinity of Hartford, CT. I've been blogging for about a year now and am proud to be part of the incredible "mommy blogger" community - of which Mrs. Chicky is an esteemed member, I might add.

Though I originally hail from Long Island (and no, I did not say Long Gisland), I love New England and couldn't think of any better place to raise my kids.

See you on the Cape? Nantucket? RI shore? Lobster roll's on me!

Hi! I'm Mrs. Chicky

Yep, that's me. I'm Mrs. C, damn good to meet you. I blog anonymously to save myself from being found out through any embarrassing Google searches, like "going gray down there". Not sure I need my in-laws to know that much about me. Plus it gives me the opportunity to trash my soul sucking bosses whenever the spirit moves me without fear of being Dooced.

Chicky, Mr. C and I live just East of Worcester, at the very edge of Metro West, but to our Boston area friends we may as well live out in Nebraska. What you city dwellers have against crossing 128 I'll never know. It's not that far west, really.

(Those of you in the Boston area are shaking your heads right now. Don't think I don't know.)

Anyhoo... Chicky, my one and only, just turned two and I've been blogging for most of her life to keep myself from going insane. Oh, I'm still going nuts from this SAHM thing, but blogging makes the descent more interesting. I've "met" some really great people on line and, so far, I've had the pleasure of meeting Cape Buffalo face to face. I'm really looking forward to the possibility of meeting more of you in person!

So, what's your story?

Monday, May 21, 2007

Meet the mamas

Our numbers are really starting to grow! Welcome to our new contributors.

I already read most of your blogs but there are some of yours that I'm just starting to visit. Blogs are a lot like high school, we tend to stay in our comfortable social networks, so now might be a good time to introduce ourselves. When you get a sec, write your own post introducing yourself. Give as much information as you feel comfortable providing. At the very least let us know which state you live in.

And if there are other NE blogging mamas that I don't know of but you think would like to join our merry band of revelers send them over. The more the merrier.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Plenty of joy in Mudville

I know, it's early in the season and baseball isn't a sprint, it's a marathon, yada yada yada blah blah blah, whatthefuckevah.

Have you looked at the standings? Have you? Because today, ladies and jellyspoons, we are ELEVEN games ahead of the *spit* Yankees.

Friday, May 18, 2007


1. There's a New England Mamas Flickr Group - send me an email at reluctant.housewife at gmail dot com if you want to join.

2. Boston area moms - a really cool product design company wants your opinions on baby gear and will pay you for your time. Get more info here.

That is all.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hey there

Hello New England Mamas!

Our corner of the world may be small (representin' six states, yo) but we are fierce.

Can I hear a "Whoop Whoop"?

So this corner of the web is just for the ladies of the NE. If you'd like to contribute to this blog send me an email at Chicky Chicky Baby at hotmail dot com and I'll add you. I have no idea what direction this site will take but I figure if it's anything like our weather this blog should prove to be a wild ride.

Also, there's been a rumble about a NE Mama Bloggers meetup. I'd be more than happy to organize something if there is enough interest. So leave a comment if you'd like to meet other mothers who blog (MOBs - Holla) and, based on interest, I'll get the ball rolling. I'd love some of you other ladies to help out as well - as my organizational skills are not what they used to be - so leave in your comment if you'd like to pitch in. Don't forget to leave your email or send it to me directly at the above address.

Let me hear you, my sisters of the north east. If you know of other Mama bloggers that I may not know about, send them on over too. The more the merrier.

Now, who brought the chowdah and the bee-ah?