Thursday, May 24, 2007

Help! I need some inspiration!

Hi ladies.

I'm trying to make a banner for our site and I'm looking for a tag line. I suppose a tag line isn't necessary, but the image I'm using kinda begs for one.

I'm not quite sure I like what I came up with originally (see above), so this is another one I came up with:

Mother bloggahs six states strong


Motherhood is wicked pissah
(props to Reluctant Housewife for that one)

The problem is, I'm not sure those accurately represent who we are.

(See, this is the problem when one stares at Photoshop for too long. One starts to over think things. Stupid things. And one starts to refer to one's self as "one".)

So put on your thinking caps. This is a community effort so I'm asking the community what they would like as their tag line.

Help me.



cape buffalo said...

* Where wicked is an adverb

* Can we offer you a Hoodsie?

I had some others but they're too Mass-centric.

margalit said...

Where Frappe is NOT a Milkshake

Standing on line at the bubblah

Where "Yankees Suck" are proud first words

Where stopping at red lights is an option

Raking frickin' leaves since 2007

Where 1 foot means SNOWDAY!

Paakin' our caas since 2007

Where chowdah heads unite!

You CAN get theyah from heah.

Wicked pissah parenting forever!

(And I love the hoodsie one. It's classic!)

Some of mine are probably too Mass centric but that's because I live in MA!

Rock the Cradle said...

Ok. It's early, and this is the first thing that popped into my head:

More than just clams.

I'm going to take a cold shower now and hopefully you will all be understanding and not kick me out of for NE Mamas for life.

I promise to try to come up with less suggestive ideas.

Binky said...

I personally wouldn't vote for anything based on Boston slang. That dialect is not really relevant here in CT. Heck, half my state loves the Yankees (not that I do...actually, I don't follow baseball--don't hate me!--but I do come from a Red Sox loving family)!.

I'll let you know if I think of anything.

Binky said...

P.S. What's the image you're using? Maybe that will help inspire us with new ideas.