Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It's Introduction Time

I'm terrible at introducing myself. I can't tell what is interesting and what is deadly boring, so I tend to blather on and on and on ...

Oh, sorry! I'm Margalit. I'm very old, and for Ms Chicky, not only going gray down there, but going to the next step, which is even worse than gray. Yikes!

I'm the very happily single mother of teenage twins, known on the Internet as The Boy and the Girl. Which is better than their names at home, which range from the Jackass and the Obnoxious to much worse. Ah, nothing like the teens to really drive home what a deal college is!
I work very part time as a professional blogger! Yes, you can actually make a tidy little pittance writing blogs, and that's just what I make, a pittance. But I enjoy it and hope that eventually I'll get a decent paycheck out of it.

I've been a professional writer my entire adult life. I wrote many very dull books about computer software for various clients as a technical writer, and then broadened my skill set, as they say in HR, and went to the dark side as a manager. I liked the dark side better! But about 6 years ago, a congenital heart defect that had been benign most of my life started to seriously affect me, and I eventually ended up with congestive heart failure and now am fully disabled. I still do stuff, but I have to be very careful, which sucks, and I tire very easily. Plus, the many medications I'm on have rendered me fairly useless when it comes to clear thinking. I would guess my IQ has plummeted since I got sick.

I'm very interested in local and national politics. I'm extremely liberal and try hard to defeat anything remotely conservative. I tend to blog a lot about local and town politics on my blog, which has made me extremely popular (not) with our mayor. Oh well.

I live right outside Boston in a streetcar suburb, where my kids attend one of two local high schools. While I identify as being observantly Jewish, I've given up on finding a synagogue in my community that feels haimish enough for us. So we kind of are lapsed Modern Orthodox/Traditional Conservative looking for a small, lay-led community synagogue. Yeah, right.

I'm a huge RED SOX fan, but really don't care much about other sports, although my son is a Patriots fan as well. I like gardening, knitting, reading, and watching way too much TV. I post a LOST discussion every Thursday, and I'll find some other TV to glom onto in the summer. Maybe Big Brother. I don't know yet. But there will be something.

I also like to cook and bake, and I post recipes on this site fairly often.

We have one pet, a cat, whose Internet name is Worthless Pet. I think that is probably self-explanatory. We really want a dog, but I don't think we can adequately care for one despite living on a huge tract of land.

Thanks to Ms Chicky for starting this up and I really hope we can have a get together someplace soon (close for the non-drivers like moi!) to get to know each other.


Fairly Odd Mother said...

Hi Margalit! Looking forward to getting to know you (and everyone else) better!

Whirlwind said...

Oh teenagers- they scare me. Especially since my three girls will essentially hit their teenage years together (they are 33 months apart).

Mrs. Chicky said...

When we meet up (heavy emphasis on the "when") we'll make sure someone swings by to get you! I bet you've got some stories to tell, lady.

Rock the Cradle said...

Hey there! Your neighborhood sounds a lot like my like my neck o' the woods. But with a mayor.

I can't wait to hear some of your I guess I'm off to dive into your archives!

Life As I Know It said...

Hi and welcome!

Great to "meet" you.

Binky said...

Nice to meet ya!

Major Bedhead said...

Hiya. A recipe site, excellent. I'm always looking for those.

I hope we can all get together sometime, too.

Ruth Dynamite said...

Very interesting! (Long ago I used to work at the Ski and Tennis Chalet in Newton. Ring a bell?)

Nice to meet you!

margalit said...


It sure does. I was just there. My son has decided to take up tennis. But when I saw the prices... well, let's just say they must sell raquets at Target, right? Heh.