Monday, May 21, 2007

Meet the mamas

Our numbers are really starting to grow! Welcome to our new contributors.

I already read most of your blogs but there are some of yours that I'm just starting to visit. Blogs are a lot like high school, we tend to stay in our comfortable social networks, so now might be a good time to introduce ourselves. When you get a sec, write your own post introducing yourself. Give as much information as you feel comfortable providing. At the very least let us know which state you live in.

And if there are other NE blogging mamas that I don't know of but you think would like to join our merry band of revelers send them over. The more the merrier.

1 comment:

Mad Hatter said...

Not a New Englander but you could spit on me across the border her in NB. If you do have a big-ass party, make sure I know.