Thursday, October 25, 2007

How To Really Scare Me At Halloween

Given that a nine-year-old can work a stripper pole like a pro, a school for 11-13 year old kids feels the need to provide birth control to its students and pre-pubescent girls are posting suggestive photos of themselves on the social networking sites, I shouldn't really be surprised by the sexualization of Halloween costumes for young girls.

But, I am surprised.

For years, I have lived in the land of "toddler sizes" at Halloween and have not faced anything more daunting than "Snow White" vs. "Pooh Bear". But, my six-year-old daughter is now big enough for a "girl" size, which apparently means she is maturing much faster than I ever conceived.

First, I'm not talking about mini skirts or even "belly dancer" costumes that really show a belly button. Nor am I talking about those character costumes from Wonder Woman to High School Musical or American Idol. I'm talking about costumes that seems too provocative for young girls; this bothers me especially when there is no need for them to be provocative (and, I'm not even going near the costumes marketed to teens. Check out this excellent article by Creative-Type Dad for more on that subject).

(All the costumes below are or were available at large national chains. I apologize for the dreadful reproduction of one of them).

Let's start with the devil costume. Let's see: red dress, horns, tail and spear, right? Well, somehow that isn't enough:

Or, how about a witch? You know, black dress, pointy hat, broom, and wart on nose?

Fairy? A wand, gossamer wings and pixie dust?

Oh dear lord, how about a bunny? Fluffy tail, big floppy ears, socks on hands for paws. . .

Ok, that is cute, but how many bunnies wear a bow tie? Oh wait, I know which bunnies wear a bow tie:


AnotherMomCreation said...

Funny you should post this, I picked up a local flyer from one of those chain party stores, and handed to my hubby and said "oh look dear, some Porn has come in the newspaper today"

Mrs Big Dubya said...

it's so sad

Magpie said...

It's just wrong. And sad. That fairy? Is a tart.

creative-type dad said...

I still can't imagine why a parent would ever buy a costume like that for their daughter.

It's just unbelievable

Beck said...

And that is why my children go our for Halloween dressed as The Amish.

Mary Alice said...

Yes, we should stop child porn AND we should outlaw the sexualization of young children for profit in ANY industry, including the clothing and costume industry.

What is the matter with people that they would actually buy these things? Spend hard earned cash to make their five year old look like Phoenix hooker?

I'm telling you - the evolutionary tipping point has been reached...slither..slither.

cape buffalo said...

I'm amazed by two things (actually, I'm amazed by hundreds of things, but...): firts, that parents don't have the balls to stand up to their kids and say "no" every so often... and second, what kid in New England goes trick or treating in anything that won't fit over a snow suit?

I'm making kiddo's costume this year (I've made most of them but the ones I haven't have provided head-to-toe coverage). She's going to be a chaste cheerleader with turtleneck (and 5 layers under that), skirt, legs covered by figure skating tights. Women of the North- fig. skating (or heavy ballet)tights are the best. things. ever. You can fit long underwear AND leggings under them and it looks like regular skin. awe-some.

sandy shoes said...

Our society still values females - even children - first and foremost as ornaments.

We haven't made as much progress as we like to think.

And most parents don't give a rat's ass.

T with Honey said...

Ditto to cape buffalo... those girls are gonna be mighty cold if they're wearing those costumes outside Halloween night in my neighborhood!! For trick-or-treating I always thought along the lines of Olympic skier or abominable snowman.

I'm with Beck. I've got my old Amish girl costume in my attic and Princess can wear that when she gets older.

Rock the Cradle said...

The cold is only one of the reasons why the Impling is going to be a dragon for Halloween.

The other being my ongoing blatant hatred of the tartlet costumes, but the most important reason being that the Impling picked it out herself. She's been talking about being a dragon for months now.

How long can this last?

Manic Mommy said...

The truly sad part is that it's not just Halloween costumes. There is NO need for a tween girl to own a thong - none. And short shorts? Just wrong.

My niece is 13 1/2 and I'm a little frightened by her wearing I teensy bit of makeup, monitored closely by her overprotective mother.

The sexualization of pre-teens must stop - and I'm liberal!

Melinda Zook said...

I was complaining about this the other day too, not for my kids but for me for crying out loud! Why are all the costumes getting shorter, sexier, and cheaper looking. It is terrible and now this is what those girls think is cool to wear.

If you have ever seen the movie, "Mean Girls" which is a classic pre-teen movie, I think they remark that Halloween is an excuse to dress sexy...c'mon girls...let's not push this already.

Anonymous said...

Truly scary -- it is beyond words. I fear for my daughter, and hope I can bring her up to be more than this.