Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Scorecard

Holy frijole! The stars must be in alignment, because we are having the best weekend! My hubby was up in Boston for a work conference Friday afternoon and Saturday, and he managed to score tickets for Friday night's Sox game. He and our brother-in-law, who lives in NYC and was up for the weekend, went to the game and stayed all the way to the totally-not-bitter end. Go Manny!

+ 10 points for tickets! + 79 points for nice weather! + 563 points for family bonding! Winning? Priceless - woo hoo!

So, he's all happy, right? The kids and I stayed home, and played "Dance Party," and ordered pizza, and stayed up late, and just had fun. On Saturday, the kids woke me up, and I was still tired, and for the first time ever, I just blew them off! I asked them to go get their own breakfast, and they DID!

Now, imagine me fanning myself and rolling my eyes and expressing a "Have mercy" kind of vibe... I got to sleep in almost 45 minutes!

+ 1,079 points!

And then we went to a birthday party, and they were NOT the worst behaved children, and then we went up to Boston, and I dropped them off with my in-laws, and they were happy to see me go!

At least + 1,230 points, dudes!

I KNOW! It's like a parallel universe or something!

But wait! It gets better! My hubby and I met up at the hotel, and then we chilled out, and scored reservations to a terrific restaurant at the last minute, and had a great dinner and an even better desert.

At least 55 points, there. Actually, did I say 55? How about 5500, which would be approximately the number of calories we actually consumed! Whew.

And then we went back to the room, and watched a silly movie, and slept like the dead, and then we woke up and, uhm, none of your business, and then he left and met friends and tailgated and went to the Patriots game. Me? I took a cue from weeks worth of "What Not To Wear," and spent about 3 hours trying on clothes at Lord & Taylor. I was driving past, and I remembered what a nice selection of plus-sized clothing they have, and for once I didn't have anywhere else to be.

Then, I did a few more errands, like finishing almost all my Christmas shopping for the kids. I KNOW! Finally, my hubby called me and said he was almost home, and we decided to meet for an early dinner, because NO KIDS! Now we are home, watching a movie that we could never ever watch with the kids around ("Shaun of the Dead").

Current scorecard for the weekend? +17,341!

(I hope everyone else is having a great holiday weekend!)


Pinks & Blues Girls said...

And the tally after the Red Sox swept the series? Is there such a number!?

What a happy weekend for you!

Sharon - Pinks & Blues Girls

Whirlwind said...

What a great weekend for you!

Husband and I had our first night alone (no kids!!!) since our first was born. Unfortunately it was last minute so we had no concrete plans. We went out to dinner and came how to watch movies. But I crashed early on the couch.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Holy Cow! I would be thrilled with even just one-fifth of your weekend!