Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Splurge v. Steal

I am nothing if not consumed by beauty products. I am also a sucker for a. pretty packaging and b. what bloggers I like rave about on the internet. So, I thought I'd post my own take on the products I myself love. I posted a similar entry on my personal blog a while back - my favorite splurges as well as my favorite steals. I would love it if you'd post yours too. Because after all, who DOESN'T need one more thing from CVS - or, I submit - from Sephora?

Here's my take:

Splurge: Kerastase Bain Oleo-Relax shampoo and masque (around $30-50), and Lush Big Shampoo ($20) and Veganese conditioner- all of these smell amazing. The Kerastase is kind of flowery-smelling - yet not overpowering, and the Big smells kind of limey and clean. Big will make your hair shinier than it's ever been. It will also strip your hair of color so there's that. I use it every now and again if I feel like I need a little clarifying or before I get my hair re-colored.
Budget: Dove Intense Moisture Shampoo ($5) Smells great and makes my hair soft and manageable. Well, as much as it can be. You have no idea what it's like to manage this head of hair.

Face Cream
Splurge: Creme de la Mer ($125.00). Yeah, yeah, yeah I know. It's insane, you say, and I agree. However, I was lucky enough to get this handed off to me by my mother who "accidentally bought two" (???) and it lasts FOREVER. An investment, for sure, but I'm 34 years old and I don't have any wrinkles. So, there you go.
Budget: Oil of Olay All Day UV Moisture Cream, SPF 15 ($6.99) I keep this in the bathroom and also on my bureau. It's light and it works. Particularly great post-shower and pre-makeup.

Lip Gloss
Splurge: Nars ($23) Love this one in Stella. Stila ($16-20) Love this one in Blackberry. I would say that the Nars one looks awesome if you have dark hair and light eyes and fair skin like I do. The Stila? I have yet to meet anyone for whom this shade does not look amazing. So flattering and if you ask me, well worth the splurge.
Budget: Revlon SuperLustrous Lipgloss, in Cherries in the Glow ($6). Again, great shade if you're of the dark hair and light eyes persuasion.

*Note - I also have to mention Lancome Juicy Tubes. Spring Fling is one of my favorite shades but I really love them all. They're around $15 or so, super shiny, and taste like candy. I'm a compulsive glosser and I love these.

Eye Shadow
Splurge: Nars cream eyeshadow. I use/have used the shades El Dorado, Corfu and Granada. Great colors and they really last all day long.
Budget: Cover Girl ($3). I like "Snow Blossom" - more of a highlighter than a shadow, put some on your brow bone if you've got a good brow going and in the corners of your eyes and bam! You're awake and you look fabulous.

Splurge: Stella by Stella McCartney for fall/winter ($44/1 oz. purse spray) and my old standby Marc Jacobs (45/1 oz. eau de parfum spray).
Budget: Bath and Body Works Signature Collection Eau de Toilette - I have this in Coconut Lime Verbena and Pink Grapefruit. Now, these retail for $18.50 but I got them for $10 each with an email coupon. I'm not sure I'd pay close to $20 but for $10 they're well worth it. Very light and clean smelling, I carry one or the other around with me in my tote bag.

I also want to mention Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets. At $4, these are a budget item for sure, but this is the best mattifying product I've ever used. You pull out one of the little blue sheets, sweep over your face, et voila - the shine is gone and your makeup is still all in place. I am SHOCKED at how much oil comes off my face every time I use these.

And now you know how shockingly oily my skin is. Moving right along...

So, there you have it - my take on beauty products both ridiculously expensive and insanely cheap. Let me know if you do this on your own blog so I can come and read it!


Fairly Odd Mother said...

I am on Day 3 with my jar of Creme de la Mer (a gift for my 40th) and the only thing that bugs me is that I think it smells like Pond's Cold Creme! My skin feels lovely, but I am totally worried that there will be a major expose (ok, 'major' to about 20 people) about how Pond's Cold Creme was repackaged and sold to women for over $100 an ounce! But, heck, if it holds off the wrinkles for a few more years, I'm in.

I also love Urban Decay's Love Junkie lip gloss which looks like it'll be wayyyy too dark, but somehow works even on my lily-white skin.

Miguelina. said...

Creme de la Mer is totally worth it. My friend was one of their marketing managers so I used to get it cheap. Sadly, she's not working anymore so I had to give up my habit.

I must second your recommendation for the Oil of Olay Moisture UV cream. I always have some lying around. I love that it doesn't have that beachy smell.

Tricia said...

My sister used to work for Bath and Body Works. Boy do I miss that!!!

Ruth Dynamite said...

I have a really hard time justifying high-priced beauty products, but with the amount of lip balm/gloss/stick I eat each day, maybe it's time to make a change.

Thanks for these ideas; I'll definitely check them out!