Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Autumn is Coming

I can't believe how fast the leaves are changing color. In fact, many are falling to the ground now, and it just became "Autumn" although it has felt more like summer as of late.

Autumn. I like that word a lot better than Fall. Yes, Autumn. It is my favorite season of the 4 we experience here in New England.

beautiful colors - from the leaves to clothes to food - things look so rich and vibrant.

mums - I enjoy decorating my porch with these pretty fall plants, along with checking out others at homes and stores.

pumpkins - to carve, to bake with. It's all goodness!

sweater weather - I do love to walk barefoot normally, regardless of the season, but I do love to wear my cozy sweaters!

apple picking - there is nothing like going to an orchard and picking and eating apples right off of the tree. Brings me right back to childhood memories, as well.

crisp, misty mornings and cool evenings - where you can see your breath

the fallen leaves - swishing and kicking through them

baking - ah, it's time to bake muffins, pies and all sorts of delicious treats

the smells of the season - candles, baked goods, fireplaces

sounds - not only do leaves make a great sound; acorns falling from the trees behind my house tell me autumn is here

comfort food - not only from baking, but the soups, chilis & chowders fill my soul

the holiday season - once autumn arrives, the holidays come fast and furious. Shopping, decorating, eating, drinking, napping...lol

football season - this means hanging out with my in-laws more often, which is a good thing most of the time! We like to hang out together on many Sundays

kids snuggling up - it's a time to get real close and cozy with your loved ones

And let's not forget cuddling up with a blanket in front of my fireplace! Nothing like a nap there, when I can find the time!

Enjoy this Autumn season, whenever it really gets here in full bloom - it goes by so fast!


Fairly Odd Mother said...

I used to hate autumn b/c it meant the end of summer. Now, I love it (probably b/c my older body gets so overheated nowadays!).

Whirlwind said...

What a great post. It reminds me of all the things I love about Autumn!

Gift of Green said...

I love all of these things too! And it all goes by too quickly!