Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In support of Britney

Like a lot of people I tuned into MTV on Sunday night to watch Britney Spears on the VMAs attempt a musical comeback and, like a lot of people, I watched Brit Brit sleepwalk her way through her routine with some sense of glee. I know it's not right to gain satisfaction from watching another's demise, but Britney makes it so damn hard not to.

She dominates the gossip pages and websites. Her antics are legendary and well documented. Every misstep, every trip and stumble while holding her baby, every poor choice in hairstyle, every crotch shot (can someone PLEASE get the girl some proper underwear already?), we've read about it.

I find it hard to relate to the former pop star even if she is, like me, a mother. If claims made by her staff are correct, I'd like to take Britney by the shoulders and shake her for the way she's raising - or more to the point, having her staff raise - her kids.

But after Sunday night, and after I stopped giggling, I got angry. Not at Britney, though there was some anger directed her way for mailing in that performance and wasting everybody's time, but toward the media that flogged her for her less than perfect abs and for carrying more junk in her trunk than she used to.

Her choice of wardrobe was questionable - Okay, it was downright horrible. Bra and sparkly panties? What were you thinking, girl? - but then the media crucified her for her body. The body that recently carried two babies and, in my opinion, wardrobe or lack thereof aside, looked fantastic. The headline from the NY Post on Monday read ""Lard and Clear", and that is just one example of how the press is picking apart the poor girl.

Okay, you want to criticize her ratty extensions? Fine. But back off the baby belly. I wish my baby belly looked that good.

As a matter of fact, there were some other performers and award winner who were larger than the average size -2 that MTV viewers have grown accustomed to seeing on the music channel. Beyonce, for instance, is no delicate flower. Neither is Alicia Keys or Jennifer Hudson. These are women with curves, women who can work the badonkadonk. They're also women who have slightly better fashion sense - although, after seeing Beyonce's "grecian goddess" look and Alicia Keys ode to bondage I wonder if they got dressed in the dark. Without a mirror.

Britney made the mistake of trying to relive her glory days. Who hasn't? I'd like to think she learned from this mistake and will grow from it, though I am dubious thinking back on her past foibles. But can we lay off her bod? No, she doesn't do a thousand sit-ups a day like she used to. Who does?

Channels like MTV need to start celebrating the real women. The ladies who have booty and boobs (real ones, please, not the silicone kind). The girls who aren't puking in the rest room before an appearance on TRL. And we, as viewers of these channels (and not just MTV, they're just an example, I don't watch that channel much because MTV makes me feel old and I don't need any more of that) need to speak up. If not with words then with our actions. Is there a show that features an impossibly thin cast? Don't watch it. No representation of the luscious ladies with curves? Turn it off.

Who is with me?


Alex Elliot said...

Well said! Whether or not Britney is a lousy singer, bad mother, or has bad fashion sense has nothing to do with how her body looks. Why is that then what everyone is jumping on? I thought her belly looked great by the way. We're so critical of women and their weight. If it had been a man in the same situation (OK I'll give you that he probably wouldn't be wearing the sparkly bras and panties)I don't think anyone would have mentioned his weight.

Sarah said...

I wrote about her on my blog, but totally left her unclothed body out of it. If she can produce 2 babies and still have the cojones to get out there and shake it (albeit listlessly and halfheartedly), then who am I to criticize that part of the performance?

Life As I Know It said...

I'm with you.
Although not a Britney fan (and her recent performance pretty much solidified my views of her), I am with you on the media and its views on women's bodies and images.

I love those real women Dove ads. I wish more advertisers would show real women and not airbrushed, anorexic women.

Still not a Britney fan though ;)

Kris said...

I know!! I couldn't believe people were coming down on her for her body. Ridiculous. I hate the media.

As far as Britney, I'm just plain worried about her. Drugs are scary.

pinks & Blues Girls said...

Chicky, is this you!?

Kidding, of course. :)

Yeah, the body thing? Sure, she is not as taut as she used to be, and she definitely chose the wrong outfit, but her body actually looks good.

Of course, if I had the kind of money she has, I would hire a personal chef and a full-time trainer to have me looking like Jennifer Garner around the clock. But that's just me.

I don't feel sorry for her at all, but calling her fat is just insane.

Jane, Pinks & Blues

pinks & Blues Girls said...

Argh! That link attempt didn't work. Try this?


Ruth Dynamite said...

With you, Chicky. It's all crap. All of it. I actually feel sorry for Britney. She's surrounded by obsequious morons.

Binky said...

The whole rip-into-Britney culture confounds me. Her body is her business, just as her parenting is. Anyone's going to look big when viewed under a microscope.

Mrs Big Dubya said...

Her body is her business, but her parenting..... those babies need some rescuing.

Her appearance (which, I didn't see) sounds like a cry for help -- wouldn't it be nice (for her and for her kids) if she got some

emma In MA said...

I think we've all forgotten one important thing about Brit Brit - she has made milllions off us poor schlebs ( and our daughters) by using her once toned and fit body. Her body is her "business", it is her job to look better than the rest ( oh, and sing and dance - two other things she forgot to do at the VMA'S!!). Her lack of muscle tone ( and any kind of talent) was akin to my hubby showing up for a client presentation without the presentation, in ripped jeans and a soccer shirt, and just wing it, whilst downing a beer...He would be fired!
Plenty of other hollywood stars have bounced back from childbirth in order to return to work, that's what personal trainers are for!! Brit brit just proved yet again that she is a spoilt, over paid immature brat, and sadly it seems her boys are going to suffer the most. GRRRRR!!!