Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Goin' Camping

The Partner, The Boss, the dog, and I rode over to Rhode Island last night to take a gander at a 1989 27' Gulf Stream Conquest motor home we discovered on Craig's List. After The Boss jumped all over the queen sized bed in the back, after I inspected each and every crack and crevice of closet or cabinet space, and after The Partner took the behemoth for a spin, hands were shaken. Words like "title," "insurance," and "license plates" floated easily through the crisp dusk air. We pledged to return the next day to bring the big baby home.

New England is now our oyster. We already have plans for one or two weekend trips in October and all kinds of dreams for a lakeside site next summer. When I really want to get grandiose, I imagine a cross country trip that a young family will never forget.

Our Gulf Stream's got a pinky-mauve velour interior. There are two seats in the cockpit and a captain's chair behind. At loft level, foam pallets come together to form a queen sized sleeping area. A table and bench convert to a bed next to the refrigerator and across from the sink and stove. There's a shower on one side and a toilet on the other. Behind it all is a traditional queen bed surrounded by narrow but serviceable closets. I can lay back in the 80s grandeur of it all and imagine that Bon Jovi just might have traveled this way.

On the way home, The Partner patted our dog Roxie's head as she nosed her way over the center console of our car and nuzzled him from her spot in the back seat. We had been talking about the placement of car seats in the camper and assorted logistics. "Roxie's going to sit in the shower," The Partner joked.

"Droxie ridin' in the shower!" The Boss sang out. Her voice was a melodic taunt. I wondered if she was evil or just enchanted with the out-of-context image of her dog bouncing around a waterproof stall beneath the shower head as New Hampshire hills flew by.

"Roxie is NOT riding in the shower," I said, running my hand over the dog's smooth forehead. I felt the scar she'd earned the morning she decided to run under a chain link fence in pursuit of the neighbor's cat.

We were silent for awhile as our mind's eyes took us beyond seating arrangements into our own personalized realms. I pictured myself in a lounge chair next to the camper. I had a book in my hand and a lake to my side. The Partner was probably envisioning the race car he'd tow each month to the RallyX events he loves to participate in.

Then we heard The Boss behind us. A maniacal giggle indicated her train of thought had not left the station. "Droxie ridin' in the show-er!"

The dog turned and gave our daughter the hairy eyeball. That long, jagged scar ended right where her pointed gaze began.


Mrs. Chicky said...

Nobody puts Baby in a corner, and no one puts Roxie in the shower.

Enjoy your new camper!

Anonymous said...

We used to go camping all the time when I was a kid. Those are some of the best memories I have. Enjoy!

Major Bedhead said...

Oooh, nice. I've always wanted a GulfStream - one of the old, chrome-laden jobs.

Have fun camping!

slouching mom said...

And this is how a storied rivalry begins...

Hope you enjoy the camper. If you make it south to PA, stop by!

pinks & blues girls said...

The camper sounds groovy! As long as the shower wasn't turned on, my dog would probably go in there on her own and make it into her own little hiding spot. :)

Have fun with your new mobile home!

Jane, Pinks & Blues

Michele said...

How cool! I cant wait for the camping adventure stories.

Mauve. How very 'Designing Women".

Jerri said...

When my husband worked construction, we owned a 40 foot fifth wheel. We never had a truck to pull it with, we had to hire someone, but we lived in campgrounds around GA, Fl and Alabama for a while and it was really neat. With kids, "living" like that doesn't seem too inviting, but traveling, hanging out, enjoying some down time sounds wonderful again. It didn't sound too wonderful when we first gave up our camper but now, a few years later, yea, it sounds like fun again. Oh, to enjoy it! You shall!

Jen said...

I think you have the same camper as my parents... For a second I thought you met my parents and they were selling b/c they live in RHODE ISLAND! LOL but it's not pink, it's a brown inside! Happy Camping!

Tricia said...

This made ME want to go camping too!