Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fall in Maine, no wait, summer is still kicking...Sorta

Today my thermometer read 87 F. In Maine. And its almost October.

Our trees look like this:
As for us, well, we looked like this:

Don't get me wrong, I love that the glorious days of summer seem to be popping up once a week, but all the New Englanders out there know what it means. We are in for it this winter. I give it a month, month and a half tops, before the ski resorts open.
Think I'm kidding? Remember April 3rd, folks? Uh huh. Thats what I thought!


pinks & Blues Girls said...

I know, we are so in for it this winter!

Jane, Pinks & Blues

Fairly Odd Mother said...

As much as I love summer, I want SNOW this winter. I feel so robbed with last winter's lack of the white stuff.