Friday, September 21, 2007

Baking in the Sun

Today it will be 85 degrees and sunny in Connecticut.

My children went to school wearing shorts, and my hanging baskets of weeping petunias boast new fuchsia blooms.

Local fruit orchards are bursting with apples, peaches, pears, and plums, and it seems almost criminal not to retire to the kitchen and bake them into pies.

I had every intention of doing just that. Armed with overflowing bags of farm-fresh fruit, I planned to storm my kitchen with a paring knife and get to down to business. Oh, it wouldn't have been pretty with all the peelings and pits strewn about, but the aromas would have made up for all that.

Now that's one attractive pie.

My house would smell like a slice of warm apple pie. Or a bowl of peach cobbler with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream melting on the side. Or irresistibly sweet apple crisp.

Alas, fruit flies buzz around my ripening fruit like vultures circling the dead and dying. I've had to discard entire bowls of moldy peaches and plums, and the apples I proudly displayed on my kitchen table now bear curious little brown pock marks.

Oh autumn you tantalizing tease, for the sake of my fruit and prematurely carved pumpkins throughout the land, come back to us.

Until then, we'll be baking in the sun.


cape buffalo said...

We're going to the Nashoba winery tomorrow to pick apples. I'm baking no matter what but I have a feeling I won't feel like eating warm appple pie or other comfort food.

pinks & blues girls said...

So true! I walked outside this morning and it was SO HOT! What's up wit dat, Fall?

Jane, Pinks & Blues

Mrs Big Dubya said...

I am no baker, but I believe you can do all your prep work (core, peel, slice etc)and then freeze... so that the pies are ready for that crisp autum day you are dreaming of

slouching mom said...

Hah! For once my laziness in buying pumpkins pays off!

Alex Elliot said...

I just can't even think about turning the oven on when it's hot. I use my best friend the crock pot instead. An apple pie scented candle works well too for the aroma!

motherbumper said...

First I've got to say that is a rockin' pumpkin (me love pumpkins) and second I gotta say, damn the baking, enjoy the sun while it lasts!

Whirlwind said...

I hate not knowing what to send daughter to school in. Do I send them in shorts because it's only 40, knowing it will be 70/80 when they get out of school?

Tricia said...

Inside my house we are chilly. But walk one step outside and we are baking. What gives??