Monday, July 23, 2007

Take Me Out to the Ballgame...

For Father's Day, the boyz and I got Hubby tickets to a PawSox game. Yesterday was the game, so Hubby, me, Eldest and Middle went. Baby (a/k/a Terrible Two With Zero Attention Span) wasn't invited and spent the day at my Sis's.

We went with two other families and their children, so it was 6 adults and 6 kids (3 5-year olds and 3 3-year olds). The best part? It didn't entail trekking into Boston, fighting the crowds, paying an obscene amount for parking, and promising a firstborn child for the opportunity to secure coveted Sox tickets, and THEN being bent over for the outrageous price of said tickets!

[Do I sound bitter? You betcha. It's so frustrating that Hubby has been unable to take Eldest (forget about a family trip!) to a game at Fenway this year for those very reasons. Because we need to pay the mortgage each month... ]

So, a day at McCoy Stadium:

Parking: $2.00
Tickets: $10 each
Glass Cheap plastic cup of wine for Mommy: $7.00
Enjoying time spent with friends at the ballpark while your children actually behave through 9 7 innings: PRICELESS

And aside from the annoying group who sat behind us and proceeded to eat their faces off (did I mention the cheap food?) and then spilled the remainders (soda, popsicles, ice cream) so that the melty/sticky/wet debris ended up underneath our really was a picture perfect (and cheap!) day!


Alex Elliot said...

I'm all about the wine!

Major Bedhead said...

It sounds like a great (and relatively inexpensive) time.

I went to Fenway a few weeks ago - my friend won tickets from Jerry Remy. So, we got in for nothing, but holy cow. $8 for a beer, $15 to park my car. I couldn't get anything to eat because I couldn't afford it. It was nuts.

Whirlwind said...

Sounds like you had a great time.

We took the girls to a Defenders game last year. They didn't care who was playing - they just had fun being there.

Mrs. Chicky said...

I love going to PawSox games. Fun and cheap - what's not to love?

If any of you have the chance, and are ever in that area, I have to recommend going to a Durham Bulls game. I really enjoy the PawSox but the experience I had at the Durham game was amazing.

cape buffalo said...

sounds heavenly. I know this is crazy, but I've never been to Pawtucket. Must go now!

pinks & blues girls said...

Going to McCoy Stadium is a real treat. It's good, clean, INEXPENSIVE fun! And who knows, you just may be seeing the next Manny or Big Papi playing right in front of you!

Jane, P&B Girls