Monday, July 16, 2007

Shopping? Me? Why yes I occasionally enjoy shopping.

I'm not a shopaholic by any means. I hate malls, for example, and although there are several malls in my little city, I don't go to them unless I am forcibly dragged by my teenagers. They're stronger than I am. It will happen to your kids, too.

However, take me to a crafts fair, or an outdoor market, or even a little shopping center that isn't a strip mall, and I'm all about the shopping experience. I guess I buy into the shop locally thing, but I like to shop in places that aren't selling the same thing in Boston, New York, and Timbuctu. I know, I'm difficult to please, but I like my stuff to be a bit more unique than say, The Gap.

So, today I saw this event and wanted to clue you Boston area women in to the happenings. Now, this doesn't look like the kind of thing I'm into (pole dancing? POLE DANCING. Me? I think not!) But for the more adventurous amoungst you, I say go for it and give us all a full report. I'm serious. Live blog it for me. I live vicariously anyhow.

But while we're on the topic of shopping, let me remind you about the South End Market and get a hint about who wants to attend the first Sunday in August? That would be August 4th. I'm definitely up for it. Who else wants to try it?

Hey, Binky, what happened with that Salon idea of yours? Are you still planning on discussing the state of the universe anytime soon?


Whirlwind said...

Ok- so for lack of thinking, I tagged everyone for a meme if your up for it.

As for Binky, she may be waiting until she is settled in before she plans any talks on the state of the universe.

I just went to a girls night out with friends over the weekend. Let me tell you, you learn alot about your friends when they've had a little wine in them!

Major Bedhead said...

We're having a cook out on the 4th. If anyone wants to trek out to South Hadley, you're all welcome to join us. It's a combination 1st birthday party for the Bug and a welcome home party for my sister, who has, I shit you not, been living at a commune since February. An earthy-crunchy, granola-eating, non-religious commune but a commune nonetheless.

margalit said...

I always wanted to live on a commune. I think I'd be great at communal life. I loved living on a kibbutz and I did all sorts of weird jobs there, like working in the Refet (cow barn) milking cows, and innoculating 3 day old chicks in the eye, and picking melons in huge fields. I hated doing the dishes though.

Where was said commune, and do they take out of shape, sort of sickly, old women with twins that are super annoying?

karrie said...

I really need to get over to the South End and check out the open market.

The 4th is my son's birthday though.

Ladybug's Picnic said...

I've been to a few of the Shecky's events. They're pretty fun - there's plenty of shopping for sure - but it tends to be overly crowded and kind of hot but that might be just me. Free cocktails, though, so there's that.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

We'll be wrapping up our vacation in Vermont on the 4th, so sorry I'm not available for anything!

cape buffalo said...

We will be on a much needed, much anticipated vacation.

margalit said...

OK, sounds like the 4th is out for everyone. How about the 11th?