Thursday, July 26, 2007

I Deserve A Medal

Guess what Sweetie's trying to master?

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As you can see by the scraps on the table and the shreds littering the floor, Sweetie is learning to use her safety scissors.

And I - the right-handed mama - am learning how to teach a lefty to use those safety scissors.

But I must say that Sweetie, and I, are doing a pretty good job with it.

Keep that elbow out and your thumb up, Sweetie!

She and I are also working on her reading. Even though I love to read and write - Even though I majored in English - Teaching a 4 year old the "rules" (or lack thereof) of the English language is quite the challenge.

That being said, I was mightily impressed with myself when I came up with this little gem:

Vowels are lazy. They usually only like to make their short vowel sounds. If they want to make their long sound, they often need each other to help out.

That's why there's a silent "E". The "E" is working so hard to give the long sound to the other vowel that it doesn't have any energy left to make it's own sound.

Other words like "boat", "tweet" and "wait" need two vowels next to each other to get one long vowel sound.

So, to review:

Elbow out! Thumb up! Lazy vowels!

This Mommy Business sure does take a lot of fast thinking, creativity and patience. And sometimes - just sometimes - I really do feel like I have the Mama Mojo flowing. I deserve a medal.

In fact - we all do. Mom's rule!

Line up behind me, ladies. There's enough bling for all of us.


Major Bedhead said...

Lazy vowels. That's brilliant!

compulsive editor said...

Moms rule. :)

"Lazy vowels" is great stuff. Now if only there were tricks for remembering the rules about apostrophes.

Amy Linder said...

Hah! Oops! Great catch there. Yes indeedy - moms rule!

Fairly Odd Mother said...

I like the lazy vowel thing too. Will have to try that out on my little ones.

Barbara said...

LOL - trying to clean your home with kids in it is like trying to shovel your sidewalk while its still snowing!

M - I got your comment over on my blog about "WHAT TO DO WHEN YOUR BLOG IS ATTACKED." Can you write me at with your email addy? I have something that might help you out with the attackers as well as a story for you.

BTW - need a blogger from NYC?? ;)