Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Just Makes Your Day

I thought I would share two really nice things that fellow New Englanders did for me. A couple of weeks ago, I stopped at a farm stand that my friends had been raving about on the way back from running errands. Yes, I realize that going to a farm stand is an errand in itself! I had my two boys with me. The trip inside was fine. My older son helped me pick out some fruits and vegetables. However, on the way from the farm stand to the car he pitched a fit because he didn't want to hold my hand. That's right at the tender age of 3.5 and a half, his pride was hurt.

I wasn't impressed by his argument so I just picked him up, along with the one year old, and carried him to the car. He was protesting as I strapped him into his booster seat. In the meantime, a car pulled up next me on the grass. The driver walked up to me and asked me if I was coming or going (many times I wonder that myself!) Thinking that she wanted my parking space, I said that I was leaving and she could have my space. It turns out that she was asking because she heard my son crying and wanted to know if I wanted her to get my produce for me. She's a mom herself and said that remembered the days of dragging a crying preschooler into the stores with her. I have to say her offer really made my day.

Also around the same time period, I managed to break the permanent retainer cemented to my bottom teeth by biting into a big chunk of chocolate. I won't even comment on that one. My teeth felt really uncomfortable and there was a loose wire in my mouth. I called an orthodontist practice that I don't even go to (my husband used them years ago) on a Saturday morning. They weren't open. However, the orthodontist and one of her assistants insisted on opening the office for me and fixed my retainer so that it was comfortable until I could come in later in the week to get a new one. Here's the kicker: they refused to charge me. The orthodontist told me not to worry about it. I was there for an hour.

What can I say except New Englanders are great! Now I just need to keep my eyes open so that I can make sure that what came around goes around so to speak.


karrie said...

Gotta love decent people.

Which farm stand? On those days when I simply cannot parent at home, I'm big on driving all over MA looking for veggies with the kid in tow.

Mamma said...

And you can just trust a good New Englander.

Though I'm no longer living there, I'll always be a New Englader at heart.

cape buffalo said...

What a great story, Alex. Will you give us the name of the orthodontist? We're in the market for one!

Major Bedhead said...

It's so nice when things like that happen. It's almost enough to make me stop thinking so badly of people in general. Almost.

sandy shoes said...

Ayuh. Mean people suck, but nice people really, really rock.