Thursday, July 5, 2007

But we're not Midwestern...

Hi fellow New England Mamas!

This is my first post here. I love that there's a place for us Northeast girls to chat and connect.

So anyway... I've been seeing a lot of this Stop & Shop video lately. And I'm assuming you all have been too, seeing as Stop & Shop is only located in our little corner of the country.

And I was wondering... am I the only one who doesn't really get it?

An Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice bottle talking to an Aquafina water bottle.

With Midwestern accents.

Using words and phrases like, "oh my stars" and "tough turkeys" and "hobnobbing."

Like they're bad, four-letter words.

What does all this have to do with Stop & Shop lowering the prices of juice and water?

Am I missing something?

Who is the marketing genius that came up with this campaign? Is he or she a three-year-old?

All right, enough with the questions. I guess they're just rhetorical anyway.

I guess I should just be happy about the lower prices for my juice and water.

But I'd like to know, is there a supermarket in Ohio running commercials for lower prices on watah and en-ah-gee bahs?


Amy Linder said...

Huh... I hadn't seen that. That is peculiar. You make a good point. Maybe they wanted to go more for "chatty old ladies" than "midwestern"? But it totally went wrong. Hmmm.... Funny.

Thanks for sharing. And welcome! I think we're Friends at Maya's Mom. I was just over there having my Thurs. Night Play Date. You should join in sometime. :)

In the Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Yeah, the whole time I was watching that (from your link since I haven't seen it on my own TV) I was trying to think of all the "fun" drinks I could make with cranberry juice and water..

lizzy said...

ha! funny you write this because i thought the same thing- like are they planning on expanding to minnesota or wisconsin? oh geez

Vicky said...

I'm in love with this site!! Being a Rhode Dyelin'lindah myself and now transplanted to the DC area, this makes me so happy to read! I miss my Del's, clam cakes and ocean.

margalit said...

I saw that commercial for the first time just before I read this post. I was all "What are those Minnesota accents all about?" My guess... they did one commercial and they're using it in every store regardless of name. Stop and Shop is owned by some big British corporation. They probably have the same commercial in London. Can you imagine THEIR confusion?

cape buffalo said...

You are exactly right. I've had the same conversation with the hubby.

The big issue I have is that Aquafina is bottled in Acton, MA (it's Acton tap water put through a filter, BTW) and Ocen Spray cranberries are grown on the cape. The only way they'd be talking like that is after watching a Fargo marathon on the Sundance channel.

Lisse said...

It's not Ohio, it's MinnesOHta.

And I hadn't noticed how wrong the accent was until you just mentioned it. I was only thinking that the cranberry juice sounded like that annoying squirrel on Higglytown Heros that I can't wait for my boys to grow out of.

I think they also had one with a granola box with a surfer accent. That may have made more sense.

Heather said...

We have that same commercial in the DC Area for Giant. I was up at my parents on Long Island and saw the one for stop and shop. I'm assuming this runs all over the country. And maybe they are making fun of the midwesteners for being so bland?

PinksandBluesGirls said...

Hmmm. Great theories, ladies.

But I wonder, if we have to analyze it so much, and still can't come to a conclusion on what the ad is trying to accomplish, I guess the execs behind it kind of missed the boat, huh!?


Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls