Saturday, July 14, 2007

3, 2, 1... Success!

Whenever Hubby and I want to switch things up for Sweetie, it works best for us to do a countdown for her to when the new way of things takes effect.

For instance, a few months ago when I thought she should stop using her sippy cup - at first I told her starting immediately there'd be no more sippies.

She freaked. Totally, completely freaked.

Well... how about we look at the calendar and decide that you can use a sippy cup for 4 more days - and that's it?

When that fateful Friday evening came - the night of her last sippy - she gleefully helped me toss it (and all the others) in the trash. She was truly excited to be a Big Girl now.

And she's been great with her regular cups from there on out.

Likewise with her bed guard rail. About 2 weeks ago we started a short countdown of days leading up to the removal of the rail. It's been about a week or so now without that added protection and she's done well, not falling out of the bed even once.

Now we're in the middle of another countdown. Starting one week from today, Sweetie will no longer require that Hubby or I need to Hold me with two hands! when she drinks her morning milk.

See, Sweetie has always absolutely insisted that she must be held with two hands (that is, our hands clasped together around her waist) while she drinks her morning cup of milk. If we dare to unclasp our hands, she will stop drinking until we return to the proper hold.

Most of the time this isn't so bad. It's a nice parent/child time to spend together each day.

But sometimes - especially on school/work mornings - well... it just gets ridiculous.

Earlier this week, for example, we got up a little later than usual. I really needed to get moving and put my own stuff together. But, oh no, I had to sit with Sweetie and hold her while she drank - slowly.

That was it. The countdown began that very day.

Wish us luck with this. Countdowns have worked for Sweetie in the past. I'm hoping that it results in a smooth transition this time around as well.

What do you do with your kids to make changes in their lives more bearable?


Tiffany said...

How cute that she wants to be held and drink her milk! I can see where it would be a problem though to do that every day! Hope it works for you! I will have to remember this for when my daughter gets older. Thanks for stopping via michele

Fairly Odd Mother said...

We do lots of countdowns too but more of the "5 minutes until we leave!" variety!

The "hold me with two hands" is pretty cute!

pinks & blues girls said...

What a great idea! It will come in handy when the time comes that I will have to implement some sort of system!

Now I have that song, "It's the final countdown..." in my head. :)

Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls