Sunday, June 3, 2007

What a game last night!

Did you guys watch the Sox game last night? It was, shall we say, exciting. Shilling was the starter, and he wasn't in top form. If you read his blog, the first line of his post told the story. "It was hot. I sucked. We still won." You know, I just do not know how they can even play serious ball in weather like that. Think about it. I'm just wanting to sit right in front of the AC drinking chilly Mojitos and hoping for a storm to blow out the humidity, and these guys are playing ball in the sun. They work for their money.

Anyhow, Sox are up, then the Yankees are tied, then they're up, then we are WAY up, and Mienty gets hurt and is carried off the field, making the entire frigging Evil Empire on the DL list (I'm totally loving it!) and Paps closes with pizazz. We're back up 13.5 games on the Pinheads, and we're playing today. Joe Torre looks dyspeptic, even more than usual. His team sucks. They even called Damon up as the DH later on, and he's on the DL too. I look at him and I feel nothing but disgust for the traitor.

It was a great game, even with the rain delay, which enabled me to get in a half hour of This Old House!

My boys couldn't look better. Even with Shill at his worst after the delay, they are just shining stars. I think this might be our year, pooh pooh pooh.


Mrs Big Dubya said...

Are we breathing??? of course we watched the game last night -- but shhhhhh, it's still only June

Major Bedhead said...

Stop SAYING that!

Yes, I watched the game last night and I'm watching the game tonight and I'm still all "Shhh! Don't jinx it!"

Marathon, remember. Not a sprint. Marathon. Shhh.

Velma said...

I'm adding to this comment late, but this was the game at which my husband celebrated his 40th birthday. Good thing ONE of us remembers how it ended!