Thursday, June 7, 2007

Summer Vacation

Today marked the first day of summer vacation for us. So far, we have no real plans except working on our yard (a never ending project), hitting the beach, visiting the park and letterboxing. Just taking it easy and relaxing - just like summer vacation should be!

When are your kids finished and what are your plans?


Major Bedhead said...

I don't have any plans. O is going to camp for two weeks, but other than that, we're vacationing behind the Tofu Curtain this summer. Again.

Good thing I like it out here.

margalit said...

Letterboxing looks like a lot of fun. My kids are too 'teenage' now to probably like it, but they would have loved it when they were little.

My son is back in the hospital as of yesterday (LONG story, don't have time now to tell it) and so we're totally up in the air. my daughter is going to sail at Charles River this summer, and babysit some (she's looking for work as a mother's helper for anyone going on vacation, hint hint!). I'm home all summer, like I am all winter, all spring, and all fall. Hopefully we'll get a day trip up in Maine, which is the highlight of our summer. Sucks not to drive!

Ruth Dynamite said...

My summer resembles a swirling vortex of chaos, complete with several jaunts hither and yon, lots of work, at least three weeks of summer camp for two kids, and some sweaty, fierce tennis matches. I hope I remember to breathe.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Well, we sort of are never done with school and always done with it, if that makes sense, but we've been in "Summer Mode" since late May!

My mom recently retired, so she is my Mother's Helper and will be traveling with us to Smuggler's Notch this summer for a week. We also hope to do some camping in NH and locally. My mom lives on a pond too, so we'll be swimming there a lot. We will do lots of day trips to the Cape and other swimming spots. . .I also hope to get down to Sandhill Cove in RI (my favorite public beach).

Alex Elliot said...

I'm very intrigued by letter boxing. It's very popular in the moms group that I'm in.

Kara said...

I'm work, work, working. At the moment, I'm winding down regular school year stuff and gearing up for the summer program that I run. In Aug, I'm sharing the rental of a house on the cape with my mom and sis (and our entourages)for a week... if we're lucky, Hubby's grandparents will be at their summer place (the past 2 years, one of them has had a medical "issue" and they've had to leave before we had our vacation weeks scheduled)once I have some time off and we'll visit them there.

Day Camp for the Kiddo, as usual.

Even though we'll be our usual busy selves, I'm looking forward to moving (no, really, I AM looking forward to the move), shorter work days, early morning runs, and days when the rain stops long enough for a dip in the pool :)