Friday, June 29, 2007

Introduction and Davis Farmland

I'm a newbie to this blog as well. Thank you also to Mrs. Chicky for letting me join! I grew up right outside Chicago and came to MA when I went to college at Wellesley. After college I lived in Hoboken, NJ for a couple years while working in NYC. My husband and I currently live in central MA. We have two little boys who are 3.5 and 1.

I must confess when I first heard about Davis Farmland, I thought that I was hearing things wrong. A splash pad (at the time my friends referred to it as a zero depth pool which didn't help either) combined with a petting farm? What a bizarre combo! I had a hard time visualizing it. Then I typed the name in wrong and brought up a porn site. Anyhow, Davis Farmland is very popular in the moms group I'm in as well as in my playgroup. My curiosity was piqued and so the next time my playgroup went, I joined in even though my son was only 10 months old at the time.

Our family loves it. I'm a huge animal lover and the recent playgroup photos of the kids interacting with the animals, feature me standing in the middle of the goat pen with all the kids. Basically the animals are all in smaller pens and a larger pen surrounds them so that if the animals get out, it's now big deal. The pens are colored coded for safety and the kids can walk right into many of the pens and brush the cows, feed the animals etc. The splash pad is also a lot of fun. There's also a playground, go carts, scooters, a whole Imaginarium section, not to mention great tasting ice cream. The best part in my opinion is that they have a bunch of shaded tables by the splash pad and the playground so my friends and I can actually have a conversation while the kids are off playing. Each party gets a paper bracelet with a matching number and number of people in the party which they check before you leave.

My one tip is to get there when it opens, see some animals and then hit the splash pad around 10 before it gets really crowded. That way you also will have a nice table for lunch and you can see the animals after (a lot of people do it the other way) or go around 3:30 because the park empties out and you will pretty much have it to yourself.


karrie said...

I went yesterday and really hated it--too many irritating people and I thought it was way overpriced.

Your tips for early or late arrival sound like good ones though. :)

Alex Elliot said...

Yes, I forgot to mention that it's way overpriced! I always bring my own food.

Whirlwind said...

Welcome! Yeah thats the only downfall about Davis Farm - the price!

Major Bedhead said...

I looked at the prices and we just can't swing that.

Is there maybe a beach or state park we could meet at? Something that didn't involve a steep admission price? I'd have at least 4 people, if it's during the week, 5 on weekends and if husbands are coming along.

Alex Elliot said...

A lot of the libraries have passes for half off and I can get one person in for free and I believe 6 people in for half price.

Teri D said...


Hudson, Maynard and Marlborough library have passes that offer a half price admission during the week to the farmland. it's a much more cost effective way to visit, especially for a large family.

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