Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hello There!

I'm MamaLee from Fullplate, and I am a newbie to this website. Thanks to Mrs. Chicky for graciously letting me join this group!

I grew up in Northeast Connecticut - I spent 34 years over there - and when I got married 7 years ago, I moved west to Litchfield County. Here we live in a 4-bedroom colonial, right next to slobs-for-neighbors and ticks in the woods in the backyard. Typically New England (well the ticks anyway)!

I have 3 wonderful, busy cherubs, ages 5, 4 and 2, and they, along with our 2 springers and my busy hubby, keep me on my toes. Especially Princess (the 4yr old) - she is SOOO lucky she is cute!) I used to be a music teacher and theatre guru before I got married and moved away, and now the mama-thing keeps my attention and my heart.

I look forward to posting about my life here in Connecticut and reading about your lives as well.

Again, thanks for having me!


Whirlwind said...


My daughters are a similar ages to your cherubs - 5 1/2, 4 (today!) and 2 1/2.

Mrs. Chicky said...

Welcome! Glad to have you as a part of this blog.

Major Bedhead said...

Welcome on board.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Welcome! I also have three: two girls ages 6 & 4 and a 2-year old son.

margalit said...

Ooooh, you lucky person, you. YOu live near White Flower Farms. I would be absolutely destitute if I lived nearby. Their catalog alone makes me want to weep. I love them. I've been to a couple of their summer plant sales. What a place!

Welcome to the group!

Rock the Cradle said...

Hello and welcome!